Frequently Asked Questions about the Insect DEFEND Patch

  1. How exactly does this product work?

    The Insect DEFEND Patch is a transdermal, patch that slowly releases Thiamine (Vitamin B1) into the dermal skin layer of the body, becoming effective in 2 hours. The Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is then slowly released through the skins pores through sweat glands. Combined with the body’s own chemistry it produces an invisible, odourless ‘shield’.

  2. Can I take regular Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and get the same results?

    As a water soluble vitamin all excess Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is flushed out as waste. Health Canada’s recommended daily intake of 100 mg does not allow enough Thiamine (Vitamin B1) to build up in the body’s system so as to escape through the body’s pores. Over dosages of more than the recommended amounts can result in health concerns, i.e. hypersensitive reactions resembling anaphylactic shock; Drowsiness –www.vitamins-nutrition.org.

  3. Mosquito’s were still landing on my arms and legs, I didn’t get bitten though – is this a normal reaction?

    The invisible layer is so thin that mosquitoes and black flies may still land , however the odour, that only they detect, will send them flying. The question that you have to ask yourself is this – Does the annoyance of a few mosquitoes landing outweigh the use of DEET. Health Canada’s recommendations are to thoroughly wash off DEET with soap and water after every use?

  4. We put the Insect DEFEND Patch on before driving up to the cottage, approximately 2.5 hours and got attacked when we stepped out of the car. Why?

    The release of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) into the body works when the body is in motion. Try applying the patch before you start loading the vehicle and allow a little time after arriving (about the time needed to empty the vehicle) to best judge the results. This activity will result in the body’s chemistry reacting with the Thiamine (Vitamin B1) to produce an ‘invisible barrier’.

  5. Can I remove and reuse this product?

    No. The Insect DEFEND Patch is designed as a single use biting insect protection product.

  6. Can I cut the patch in half?

    The ‘insect DEFEND patch’ is designed for use as is. By altering the ‘patch’ in any manner the full release of the 75 mg of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) will not ensure satisfactory results.

  7. Where exactly should one apply the patch? Would it interfere with other patches (estrogen) that one applies?

    Apply the Insect DEFEND Patch to a clean, dry and hairless part of the body. A large muscle group such as the upper arm or one found on the shoulder blade provides for large capillary action allowing for the transfer of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) throughout the bodies Epidermal layer.

    With all prescribed medication side effects are possible, even with Natural Health products, when taking more than one product at the same time. Consult with your physician before using both together.

  8. Is there a limit to the number of patches that can be used in a given amount of time?

    Not really, depending on the biting pressure and body metabolism two patches can be used at the same time, no more than that should ever be necessary.
    As the transdermal patch releases the Thiamine over a 24 hour period there remains little chance of overdosing on this vitamin using the Insect DEFEND Patch.

  9. Does the patch still work if we all go swimming with it on or do we need to re-apply coming out of the water?

    The greatest advantage to using the Insect DEFEND Patch as a means of protection against biting insects is that it continues to work using our bodies own chemistry regardless if we perspire or participate in any water related activity – including swimming. The adhesive qualities of the ‘Patch’ keeps it in place even when it gets wet, (be sure to follow all instructions when applying), and continues to be effective for the full 24 hours as the Thiamine (Vitamin B1) continues to be transferred into the bodies epidermal layer.

  10. does it prevent deer ticks or horseflies from biting also?

    Good Question. There has been no research done to date that indicated that either insect species has any adverse distaste for Thiamine (Vitamin B1). We have however, received some positive feedback from a customer that said the patched worked with him while golfing against horse and deer flies.

  11. I had noticed that alcohol and smoking will affect this product. Can you please explain further? Thank you.

    Alcohol and tobacco are known to affect blood chemistry and as a result can influence how the patch will work. Testing seems to indicate that those who are drinking or who are smokers will require re-application of the Insect DEFEND Patch more frequently than non-smokers or those who have not been drinking. Since both alcohol and tobacco are known to limit the effects of vitamins it may also be possible that the Insect DEFEND Patch is slightly less effective. Great question, try the DEFEND patch and let us know your experience!